Guess Who post!

Ok so me and my girls were out the other night having dinner (I ordered lasagna but had it taken back because I could feel that it was that time of the month and I could not stand looking at the sauce) and as my stank ass waitress left my table to go get my enchilada salad I glanced at the table to the side of me and realized that I was in the presents of someone famous!

It was snoopy!

So anywayyy I didn't want to be rude so after I posted a status on my facebook and asked my facebook friends what to do, should I:

A) Take a pic with snoop immediately in case he gets up and leaves
B) Wait politely till he is done and then get a photo

Well most everyone immediately hit up my stat and told me to go ahead and TAKE A PIC but then my ex-boyfriend Tony liked my post and said that I was being creepy and should let the man eat. So I decided not to disturb him but then after finishing my meal he left with his entourage (it was like 8 people and they were all wearing jerseys I don't know what that means). SO I DECIDED TO FOLLOW HIM because I have never taken a pic with someone famous before. So we got into my prius and drove around the city to try and see if he would stop at another location and after going through the Wendy's drive-thru they stopped at an art gallery so I parked a few streets over in a parking garage and waited a few minutes. Well eventually we went in and he was standing next to a painting of Martin Sheen and was discussing with some woman about taking it but anyway I stumbled into him by "accident" to try and just go ahead to get the pic and as her turned around he said WOAH TAKE IT EASY KIM KARDASHIAN omg i died laughing because he wouldn't stop saying it.

Anyway, I told him I was a fan and he said that was awesome and gave me a hug. He didn't offer to take a pic so I waited a little longer and pretended to browse the gallery until he was headed to the door and I accidentally stumbled into him again and I asked if he was leaving and he said yes and I asked if he would take a pic and he said yes and that's the pic up there!!

ANYWAY after all that we decided to follow him again just to see where he was headed and he went back to Wendy's but went inside this time so we waited a few minutes again until we went in and as we walked in he was against the wall getting his straw for his drink and he shouted WHAT IT DO KIM and we both started laughing and he told me that i needed to get a super size meal because I was so small. Anyway, we got another pic with my new hat and Chanel bag.

As soon as I got home I posted these on my facebook!!

Source: my nikon d40x