You may not dress as well as Lauren Conrad but you probably have better taste in men.

Lauren dresses fab but likes to date tools so everything kinda balances out in the grand scheme of things.

The lastest LC candids.

Lauren Conrad chose an interesting flirting partner at her 26th-birthday party on Thursday. According to a source at the soiree, Conrad — formerly with MTV’s “The Hills” reality show — raised eyebrows at her masquerade birthday bash at Redbury in Los Angeles when she spent quality time flirting one-on-one with 38-year-old actor (and New York Fashion Week staple) Stephen Dorff. Our insider says Conrad seemed really taken with the “Somewhere” star, although we hear her friends didn’t approve.

Departing LAX February 2nd 2012

Returning to LAX Februray 7th sipping the same drink.

In LA February 8th 2012

Picking up dry cleaning in LA February 10th 2012

Random twitpics from her masquerade-themed BD party

Lauren and Guest

Lauren and guest

Colton Haynes

Brody Jenner & Guests

The City's Roxy Olin (far right) and guests

Lauren has an Instagram account now which has afforded her even more opportunities to provide us with XXX food porn. The pics and captions are from her Instagram.

I plan on eating this entire pizza as my lunch... So that's where I'm at emotionally today.

Almond milk cappuccino. Yum!

Ordered a salad to avoid carbs and...wait a min!

Just got to my office to find this on my desk :-)

Cake for breakfast. Bc calories don't count in your birthday ;-)

Good thing Jilly and I decided to share

Cupcake party... If you can eat them in one bite the calories don't really count, right?

Hair of the dog...

Spoiling my dinner :-)


Because nothing says "I love you" like processed sugar :-)

Rejoice World! Not only does Kroger have Almond Milk now. They have VANILLA Almond Milk! Now I don't have to overpay for it at the health food store where everything smells like granola and all the White people have dreads.

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