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smelltheflowers 21st-Feb-2012 04:09 am (UTC)

I really resent what the writers did in this episode. While it was very nice to finally witness both Blair and Dan openly admit their feelings for one another, I hated that Chuck managed to overshadow everything. As a result, even the sweetest Dan/Blair scenes had a depressing pall hanging over them. I also found Chuck's scheme to taint Dan's reputation with charges of plagiarism disgusting. It's not even funny to joke about, as that type of thing can ruin one's reputation forever.

I realize that Dan/Blair probably won't last, but I really wanted to enjoy it while it did because I've loved them together for so long now. I hate that just as they've acknowledged their feelings, Chuck is suddenly given something to use against Dan which he can utilize to sabotage the relationship. The writers have made it painfully clear that Chuck/Blair is their endgame, and I find that disgusting. It's an unhealthy, manipulative, abusive relationship, and the fact that it's touted as somehow 'better' or 'deeper' than Dan/Blair is frankly a little twisted.

On a positive note, her little moan of "Humphreeeey" was more than a little adorable, and I loved her willingness to hold his hand 'for support' :)

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