Should The Voice’s Adam Levine Leave Maroon 5 and Go Solo?

Adam Levine is doing pretty swell these days. He’s starring in a hit show on NBC, he’s got a record label in the works, and he’s dating a model. A supermodel. A Victoria’s Secret supermodel.

He’s also been killing it musically since 2004 when his band Maroon 5 broke out and “Harder and Harder to Breathe” climbed to No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100. (Is anyone else having high school flashbacks? Just us? OK, cool.)

Maroon 5 may be one hell of a vehicle, but Adam Levine, on lead vocals and guitar, is clearly the driver. The question is: Would he be just as good if he started racing the track on his own?

Consider: Justin Timberlake didn’t become the beloved SNL-hosting movie star bringing sexy back until he cut the cord from *NSYNC. Now, we shudder to think the obscurity to which he would have sunk had he stayed in the boy band.

No doubt Adam isn’t the only talented member of Maroon 5, but would he thrive on his own? Could his star grow even higher if he left the group behind and maybe signed himself to his new label … as a solo artist?


Should he leave Maroon 5 and go solo?

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