Welcome to The Devil's Carnival

From Repo! the Genetic Opera creator/actor Terrance Zdunich and director Darren Lynn Bousman, comes the 45 minute Fantasy-Horror-Musical - the Devil's Carnival. It is believed to actually be a mini series as what was filmed was referred to as 'episode 1'.

The cast (so far) includes: Bill Moseley, Slipknot's The Clown, Ivan Moody, Briana Evigan, Alexa Vega, Ogre, Paul Sorvino, Marc Senter, Emilie Autumn, Sean Patrick Flanery, J. Larose. 

PARIS HILTON spoke about being involved in an interview with MTV; however there have since been rumors of her pulling out due to being so focused on recording her sophomore album. Also, there has been no official confirmation about her being cast. Tweets to director Darren Lynn Bousman asking about Paris' involvement have not been returned ):

the very-long-lot-of-nothing-worth-watching teaser trailer:

Paris in Repo! the Genetic Opera

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