Bon Iver Wins Best Artist - The Internet goes WHO DA FUQ?

Bonny Bear trends on Twitter after winning Grammy. Has Bonny Bear gone mnstrm?

Last night, indie music made history again when Bon Iver won a Grammy during the mainstream telecast for 'Best New Artist.' However, the Grammys are not just an awards show where indie music fans can say 'indie music has arrived' while watching Nicki Minaj crucify herself on stage, having dry sex with the pope--the Grammys provide us with an opportunity to see 'our two Americas' [via social networks].

While white people often believe that they have created and curated the most authentic, 'connected', and relevant cultural experience, we can always see that there is a 'lower class' of society who aren't just 'poor', but more importantly, not connected to relevant indie buzzbands. Last night, Bonny Bear trended on Twitter. It seems as though the 'lower class' of social network users created an unintentional meme, trying to wrap their heads around Bon Iver, who looked like a lost Midwestern man.

Has Bonny Bear become an important part of society now that he has trended on Twitter?

'Who Be Dat Bonny Bear Ass Fool?' #BlackPplAndTweensWhoMakeThingsTrendOnTwitter

Are 'culturally relevant' ppl 'racist' for making fun of the second class citizens who don't overanalyze indie rock on a daily basis?
Does indie rock only appeal 2 white, affluent ppl?
Do white people think that they are s0oo0o much smarter than poor/black/colored ppl?
Did Bon Iver intentionally dress like a Mr. Holland's Opus-type music teacher who wanted to 'teach lamestream masses' about how they could learn to escape from their sad, sad lives by listening to serene-wave indie music?

Do u <3 the new buzz video by Bonnie Bear?