Justin Bieber playing with his half-brother on the beach

Justin Bieber can expect to see his already gargantuan popularity levels shoot through the roof after his fans see these pictures.

The pop superstar, 17, played the doting big brother as he spent some quality time with his two-year-old half-brother Jaxon on Malibu beach this weekend. Justin and his little brother were chaperoned by their father Jeremy during the boys day out in the sunny Californian city. And the bond between the brothers was clear to see as Justin held Jaxon in his arms and kept him entertained during their time on the beach.

Justin strutted around in a pair of denim shorts, which he probably should have secured with a belt as they were constantly down by his knees, exposing his briefs. As temperatures in Malibu are currently averaging 16C, Justin was perfectly comfortable playing with his little brother without a top on - although, he covered his head with a beanie hat and had a pair of red Vans trainers on his feet.
Jaxon is the son of Justin Bieber's father, Jeremy and his wife Erin Wagner, who of course is not Justin's mother. The couple also have a daughter named Jazmyn, who is 4 years of age.

(In b4 "Cute toddler. And Jaxon's cute, too." jokes...)