Drew Barrymore 'considering converting to Judaism for fiancé'

Drew Barrymore has been married twice before but that doesn't seem to have dampened her appetite for tying the knot.

The actress turned director is currently engaged to fellow thespian Will Kopelman and has fallen head over heels in love with him.

The 36-year-old is now reportedly ready to become a follower of Judaism because her fiancé and his family are Jewish.

The dramatic show of devotion has shocked Hollywood but is a show of just how enamored with him she is.

The couple are due to marry later this year in what is now expected to be a very religious ceremony.

According to In Touch, Drew has been getting a lot of help and information on the subject from her good friend Adam Sandler.

The two stars appeared together in comedies The Wedding Singer and 50 First Dates, and have been close pals ever since.

A source told them: 'Those two absolutely adore each other, so it only made sense to Drew that he will be right by her side playing an important role at her wedding.'

The E.T child actress has also reportedly told Will's family that she wants to raise her children in a Jewish household.

Although Miss Barrymore's representative has denied that she is planning to convert, Drew appeared on Good Morning America earlier this week overjoyed with her engagement.

She said: 'I'm like, 'Oh goodness, it just happened a month ago! Do I not have it together or is it okay to keep daydreaming?'

'We’re trying to figure it out. I think everyone expects you to kind of know right away what the plans are.'

Kopelman, 34, shouldn't get too excited by the fact his bride-to-be may do almost anything for him, as Drew has been engaged four times already.

She first got hitched in 1994 to a bar owner called Jeremy Thomas before splitting up two months later and she married comedian Tom Green in 2001 and divorced him after five months.