Madonna Throws Stones at Lady Gaga from Glass House

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After years of laying relatively low, The Material Girl has returned to the publicity circuit to promote her new film and album. Madonna is a talented artist and a marketing genius, both of which have earned her many well-deserved accolades, but she won’t be receiving any Miss Congeniality awards anytime soon.

Despite staying quiet about the never-ending “Born This Way” versus “Express Yourself” drama for nearly a year, Madge has finally decided to speak out on the issue. So, what does Madonna think about “Born This Way?” In short, it would appear that she agrees with Gaga’s critics that the song is far too similar to “Express Yourself.” Madonna summed up her opinion of “Born This Way” in a cleverly backhanded way by stating, “What a wonderful way to redo my song.” But not so fast Madonna!

What Madonna seems to have conveniently forgotten is that “Express Yourself” received a fair bit of criticism itself for borrowing from the chorus to the Staples Singers’ 1971 hit “Respect Yourself.” Many of us have fond memories of listening to Madonna exclaim, “Express yourself! Hey hey hey hey!” over the radio. However, it turns out the Staples Singers were exclaiming “Respect yourself! Dee dee dee dee!” in an awfully similar way over 40 years ago.

It should also be noted that Stephen Bray, co-writer writer of "Express Yourself", threw Madonna shade by saying that she changed one line to get a writing credit on the song.

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