Rihanna Proudly Smoking Illegal Substances is Causing Controversy

Rihanna has sparked controversy after she was pictured smoking marijuana two days in a row.

Caribbean singer Rihanna was photographed twice smoking what appears to be marijuana. While many fans see it as no big deal, others worry she might be [heading down the] path to drug addiction.

Singer Rihanna was photographed on Sunday [and Monday] smoking what appeared to be marijuana in the form of a blunt while vacationing in Hawaii, reported the Huffington Post.

As if the 23 year old star anticipated this question, she took to twitter to leave a clue: "Kush rolled, glass full...I prefer the better things!" she tweeted, quoting lyrics from Drake's "Up All Night."

According to MTV.com her ardent fans had no doubt as to what she was smoking. They took to Twitter responding with their support in tweets like: " I wanna smoke a blunt wit @rihanna", “lol she is so high ! love that girl” and "Island gal for real!!!!"

Outside twitter, many praised her for choosing a "healthier" alternativ­e. “Alcohol. There's a drug that's actually killing people when abused," one commenter said. "How horrible it would be for her to be smoking tobacco. That stuff kills millions."

“Hey, maybe she's got glaucoma or something,” one commenter said. Or maybe Rihanna is a Ron Paul supporter, said another.

This isn't the first time the "We Found Love" singer has been in the news for smoking pot.
In June 2010, Rihanna was allegedly banned from a luxurious Barbados hotel after she was caught smoking Marijuana in her hotel room.

Mediatakeout.com posted a short article from an unnamed Barbados newspaper, " . . . It appears that the classy woman and her guests smoke, drank and partied nonstop in the room. Security had to be constantly knocking on the door because the smoke alarm would not stop going off."