One Direction's Harry Styles denies nude photo leaked online is of him

One Direction singer Harry Styles has come forward to deny that a naked picture leaked online [you can see the (censored) pic at the source] is of him.

The 17-year-old singer insists the photograph which has been making the rounds on the internet and sparked debate among the band's fans is of somebody else.

Many said that it was not Harry as a flash from the camera is obscuring the man's face.

But what can be seen is a head full of curly brown hair, Harry's trademark, and a silver dog tag similar to the one usually sported by the heartthrob.

In the frame, the man is seen standing in a bathroom, which bears a resemblance to the bathroom in the X Factor house when One Direction were contestants on the show, posing in a mirror

And other fans suggested these facts could lead people to believe that the picture is of Harry.
A shower can be seen behind him, although the water isn't on, and the man is seen with his underpants pulled down, displaying his private parts to the camera.

However, it has now been confirmed that the picture is not of the teenage heartthrob.
Many One Direction fans decided to believe the shot was of Harry as he has often spoken about his love of being naked.

Bonus video: 1D thanking fans for their Brit Awards nomination:

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