Victoria Justice and her fans failing at life

Victoria Justice has a mustache fetish thing going on. She ends all her tweets with the mustache smiley face :{), likes to take pictures of herself with fake mustaches, and generally talks about mustaches a thousand times a week. She also apparently likes to refer to herself as a "tranny" and her fans as "trannies" because of this mustache obsession.

Yesterday her fans decided to "honor" her with an awesome trending topic:

One person claims that it means something else:

Translation:  VJ Is Our Tranny. Tranny is the abbreviation of Transylvania from McFly. McFly is the TT indirectly.

However, that makes no sense seeing how it has nothing to do with the song, and judging from the context of all the tweets and all the "artwork" Victoria's fans are sending her, pretty sure it has the other meaning.