Lost star in gay frenzie

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EXCLUSIVE: Gay frenzy of smash show's new beauty


By Georgina Dickinson & Rachel Richardson

WE sent out a search party to track down Lost babe Michelle Rodriguez and found her on a lust cause with a string of WOMEN.

Sexy Michelle found just what she was looking for at a New York club's gay night, rubbing her boobs against a stunning babe during some very dirty dancing.


And on a visit to Miami's Skybar the star—who was jailed for five days this week after admitting drink-driving—stripped off to go skinny dipping with a naked girl.

One onlooker at New York's Duvet club said: "She set the place on fire and nobody could take their eyes off her, she was so sexy."

Dressed in skin-tight striped trousers and a white vest, Michelle romped with her new pal on one of the club's king-size beds. The onlooker said: "She was certainly not a shy girl as she pushed her breasts against the other girl's boobs and moaned in her ear.

"It was the sexiest thing anyone had ever seen. Michelle was totally hot that night and she knew it. She seemed to be going from woman to woman, nuzzling her face in their breasts. She couldn't keep her hands to herself. She looked like she was in heaven."

Her pool romp in Miami also sent temperatures soaring.

"She has a body to die for and was not in the least bit embarrassed about showing it off," said a Skybar insider.

"All she cared about was showing it off to the other naked girl. They were having the time of their lives.

"They were circling each other like nobody else could see them. It was clear they were both up for anything."

Michelle, 27, made a brief appearance in a flashback scene in the first Lost series, but she'll be a major player in the second, which kicks off with two episodes on Tuesday at 10pm on Channel 4.

Her character Ana Lucia flirted with Dr Jack before they boarded the doomed flight.

And when she's found on the island, tension brews between herself, Jack (Matthew Fox) and fugitive Kate (Evangeline Lily), who has the hots for the doc. As our exclusive picture (below left) shows, Jack and Kate do finally get it together and share a passionate kiss.

But sexy Evangeline has confessed she was worried about Michelle joining the show.

She said: "I'm a little bit terrified, actually. Suddenly there's going to be a sex-off or something.

"I'll have to somehow out-sex her and she has to out-sex me."

But Michelle might struggle to create chemistry with Dr Jack.


She's been rumoured to be gay for years and was pictured holding hands with pop singer Blu Cantrell in Hollywood last January.

Talking about men Michelle said: "I'm glad they stay away because they consider me intimidating or gay or whatever. It weeds out all the jerks."

Now bisexual actress Kristanna Loken has hinted that she had an affair with Michelle when they spent time in Romania filming BloodRayne.

Kristanna said: "We'd hang out, drink a lot of cr*ppy vodka and hit the clubs. One of them had a pool. We'd get really drunk and be swimming in it by the end of the night."

Breast stroke or crawl, Michelle?