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JB gets a Jesus Tattoo
jamimo wrote in ohnotheydidnt

Justin Bieber has got himself some religious new ink!

While Justin and his father already have the name "Jesus" tattooed on their torsos, the pop star showed off some new body art yesterday in Los Angeles.

So ... what'd he get this time? Check out his calf -- that's definitely the face of Jesus.

Justin also has a bird on his hip.

No word yet what Selena thinks of his new tattoo ... but what about you? Sound off below!


i'm not yelling, bb. i got nervous for a little while because i could not understand shit of what he was saying because it was so loud in there, but he fixed the connection. i never raise my voice at phone operators, they are recording everything (or so they say idk) and i don't want to sound like a crazy person if i end up suing them.

haha good. when customers get upset i just lol on the other end =x

i don't blame you, i would probably do the same thing

it's mean because the people can be really frustrated, but it's inevitable, so i don't judge you! after all, there's a 98% change of the customer's irritation to not be your fault

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