"Top Chef" Contestant Ty-Lör Boring is the Real Naked Chef

Move over Jamie Oliver, and meet the real Naked Chef! If you're watching Season 9 of Bravo's "Top Chef," you've probably seen Ty-Lör Boring, whose recently discovered nudie pics prove he's nothing like his surname. What's this contestant's signature dish? (This is too, too easy.) A healthy helping of sausage and meatballs.

A tipster pointed us to the hipster photos, which are from the first issue of gay naked art rag Headmaster Magazine (which we wrote about previously). Ty-Lör hails from Brooklyn, which explains the mustache, the hyphen and the umlaut. The 34-year-old is quite savory while au naturale, with a nice serving of body fuzz and a treasure trail that leads right to that signature meal. We'd love to see if his bed is as hot as his skillet.

It's fitting he's lounging naked atop what looks like a kitchen counter.

The photographs are by Benjamin Fredrickson, part of a collection of nude hipster types specially photographed for Headmaster. After seeing them, many a horny Top Chef fan will want to master Ty-Lör's head! Wocka, wocka, wocka!

This isn't the chef's first time serving up his body hot and naked. Last year he bared his furry rump for Butt Magazine, while, er, holding a cutting board. We've always had that hoary dream of walking into the kitchen and seeing our boyfriend cooking in nothing but an apron. Ty-Lör's the closest we've got for now. Bon appétit!

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