Broadway's BAMF Final Curtain Speech + Darren's Opening Night in How to Succeed

These days everything seems to wind up on YouTube moments after taking place. Here, check out Daniel Radcliffe's funny and moving final curtain speech after his last performance in HOW TO SUCCEED IN BUSINESS WITHOUT REALLY TRYING as he pays tribute to the cast, company, producers & more. What a year it was!

Darren's Curtain Call

Opening Night Party at Sardi's

A tweet from one of the show's producers:

ETA: One of the critics, Joe Dziemianowicz from NY Daily News had this to say about Darren

"A nimble dancer, Criss made the tricky choreography on “Grand Old Ivy” (with fellow newcomer Beau Bridges as the company boss) and the complicated finale “Brotherhood of Man” look as easy as breathing.

Criss--unlike the guy he plays--doesn’t need to consult a book for pointers on how to succeed.

He could write it."

For those who were there tonight, how did he do?

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