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Trust Us, It's Not Just The Accents: Our Favorite Cravat-Wearing Brits

Listen, you don’t need to be a 40-year-old kookaburra Cat Lady to appreciate a good British period piece. I mean, I’m sure it helps if you’re someone who enjoys knitting with cat hair, but it’s not necessary. A good bookishness does come in handy, though — an appreciation for Jane Austen, Charlotte and Emily Bronte and the like, for the clothes and the manners, for the longing looks and broken hearts. Even the most cynical among viewers can’t help but swoon, no doubt thanks to the plethora of British actors who have starred in one or more of the TV miniseries or film adaptations around, several of them on Netflix Instant for your guilty pleasure.

So, on this cold, three-day weekend, part of which you’re sure to be nursing a hangover, curl up with these delicious suitors and imagine untying their cravats.

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