ONTD Presents the Best of 2011: The Results Are In!


#15. Britney's Body Double & ONTD Gets a BS Alert! (jesusbitches & brenden)

Why we love it:  Because we love attention.

#14. Should ONTD Ban the Kardashians? (brenden)

Why we love it: The comments were full of people outraged. The poll results were overwhelming. We actually learned a lot from members.

#13. Journalist Outs Ellen Page and Comes After ONTD (lexiesloan)

Why we love it: Again, we love attention.

#12. Brandy Speaks on Friendship with Aaliyah (guccipucci)

Why we love it: We had a laugh without over thinking it.

#11. Amy Winehouse Passes Away (scifisunsets)

Why we love it: It brought out a little drama, but celebrated the life of a talented entertainer.

#10. Royal Wedding Discussion Post (grammaire)

Why we love it: Some ONTDers were up before dawn to chat about the historical event.

#9. More Celebrities Copying Brandy (likegunfire)

Why we love it: ONTD didn't take it personally.

#8. Gaga's Hairstylist Quits, releases shocking statement (satanuaryjones)

Why we love it: Because whether or not it's true, it's hilarious.

#7. 'Tell me if it's him!' (ficre24)

Why we love it: We love when ONTD members meet celebrities and share their experiences, but this was just hilarious.

#6. Britney Spears Looking Awkward with Fans (abbie)

Why we love it: While we love Britney, it's still fun to poke fun at her. Britney stans joined in on the laughs instead of freaking out.

#5. Beyoncé’s prosthetic baby bump folds and collapses on tv! (filmfreakfranco)

Why we love it: This post sparked months of controversy surrounding Beyonce. We don't think she'll ever live it down.

#4. 'Not' Blake Lively Nudes (supernature_971)

Why we love it: Because they're not her! Her team had the audacity to say that these aren't photos of her. And, tits.

#3. GURL BYE Osama bin laden is dead (ecctv)

Why we love it: America, fuck yeah. It was nice to see ONTD come together over a common issue.

#2. Guess Who! (dainty_whiskers)

Why we love it: Isn't it obvious?

#1. Brenda Song and Trace Cyrus Expecting First Child (milkchocolat)

Why we love it: We are some mean ass motherfuckers. Like damn, that post is full of the greatest horse jokes and puns we've ever seen. Classic ONTD and worthy of the top spot.


Why don't YOU take a seat? (muzicnem)

Ciara Thinks Rihanna is a Bitch (feverously)

Lady Gaga Releases 'Born This Way' Cover (untitled)

Jake (aka Garrett) speaks about "Friday", and ONTD! (ETA: NOW A MEMBER OF ONTD) (gaga)

Kathleen Hanna on Katy Perry, Kesha and Lady Gaga (tigersnap)

The 18 Worst Drawings of Justin Timberlake (rubie_dubidoux)

Pat Robertson: "What Is This 'Mac And Cheese,' Is That A Black Thing?" (guyhaines)

ONTD Misrepresents and Tries to Cover it Up!!! (piratesswoop)

Zachary Quinto Comes Out as a Gay Man (tw_31988)


Wank. HOLY SHIT. There was enough wank to last us until the end of time. Usually, there's a fair amount of drama in posts on their own, but throw in some sensitive topics and ONTD goes batshit. Race. Weight. Abortion. Rape. We've all seen the shit that can come of it. Here are some of our favorites examples..."Kelis called 'slave' in UK airport" &
"On Trend with Vogue: Slave Earrings".

Game of Thrones. You guys are nuts. There are only a few fandoms that are as dedicated as you and 2011 solidified your level of obsession. Welcome to the ranks of Harry Potter and Dark Knight fans (circa 2008). We couldn't pick one post, so here's the tag.

The Avengers. X-Men: First Class. Hiddlestans. McFassys. I can't even differentiate your level of crazy. All I know is you guys have dedication.

Stan Bait. Man, even though stans originated from ONTD, this year it got CRAZY. I had to tell people to chill out over it because it was getting so heated. While it's fun to argue over what an utter flop Christina Aguilera is, we tried to keep posts that call out for drama to a minimum.


We also wanted to thank a few special members who contribute to ONTD on a consistent basis.

Thank you guys, seriously. Posters with dedication like you are what make ONTD a great place to visit every day.

Well, that was 2011! I know ONTD can get ... emotional sometimes, but thank you guys. You guys make ONTD what it is and without your continued participation and support, we wouldn't be here. I know a lot of people don't like the mods or me, specifically, but we still love all of you not matter what. I hope you guys had a great 2011 and I can't wait to see what 2012 has in store for all of us.

  Did we miss posts? Weren't around for nominations? Tell us what your favorite ONTD moments of 2011 were in the comments.