Lindsay Was Once Nearly Shot!

Lindsay Lohan's former bodyguard has just written a new tell-all book which reveals that the Mean Girls star narrowly escaped being shot and probably killed in a drunken, drug-fueled brawl in 2007. Furthermore, she almost got him killed in the process.

In his new book, Memoirs of a Celebrity Bodyguard, former Hollywood bodyguard to the stars Lee Weaver dishes the dirt on Lindsay Lohan and a veritable Who's Who of the rich and famous, including Michael Jackson, Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes, and Eddie Murphy. But Weaver, who is 6-foot-4 and weighs 294 pounds, says that his worst, and most dangerous celebrity client was LiLo, whom he guarded throughout 2007.

"When she was sober, she was charming," Weaver reminisced. "But when she'd done drugs or had been drinking, she was a demon!"

And a crazy demon at that, according to Weaver. The bodyguard claims La Lohan once bragged to him that she could "dress like a princess and still fight like a whore." O.K. Well, at least working for Li Lo must have been good for a laugh. Until, that is, the former Disney starlet almost got him—and herself—killed.

According to Weaver's book, Lindsay called him in the wee hours of the morning and asked him to driver her to Beverly Hills to "pick up a script." When they reached their destination, Li Lo allegedly walked up to a man waiting in front of the house and shrieked at him: "You ripped me off, you bastard!" And then she slapped him in the face. Weaver described Lindsay's resounding blow as being "so hard I almost felt it." Then she added insult to injury by slapping him again.

"Before I could stop him," Weaver wrote, "he held a gun to Lindsay's face."

Weaver rushed to Lindsay's aid, but the man turned the weapon on him. Both he and Lindsay Lohan might have bought the big one then and there, but luckily for both, fate intervened. The gunman was distracted by a noise, which allowed Weaver to sucker punch him "in the side of his neck." When he fell to his knees, Weaver and Li Lo jumped in the car and sped away.

"Celebrities come to believe they are immortal—that they can get away with anything," Weaver philosophized about the near-fatal incident with Li Lo and the drug dealer. "I look back on my life in this strange town, I'm just surprised that I'm still alive."