50 Cent Girls Go Wild vs. Madonna Girls Gone Wild

It seems that there is some big problem at Interscope to solve. 50 Cent announced first single from his upcoming album is titled Girls Go Wild. Interscope already revealed the release date (December 31th) and the artwork. But now 50 Cent is apparently mad about Madonna's track called Girls Gone Wild and does not want to release his leading single as of now.

"Man Interscope put out the single art saying its coming out on the 31st but its not coming out," 50 Cent tweeted today. "I'm not putting my album out till we are all on the same page."

"These people are gonna make kill one of them. Now Madonna's single is called GIRLS GONE WILD. This is some bull sh*t" 50 Cent tweeted a few minutes later. And he went further with this tweet: "This is nuts to me. I try to do everything I can to keep my cool you know what? If they don't care I don't care I'm putting out a video now."

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