George Takei tries to settle Star Wars/Trek dispute, throws shade at Twilight

So if you haven't heard, William Shatner said some shit about Star Wars and my baby momma Carrie Fisher said something back in an interview. Shatner posted another vid and implied Carrie needs a tit lift.

Flawless human being George Takei has made this video to end the feud, suggesting Star fans of all kinds band together against the menace that is TWILIGHT:

What does ONTD think?

I met Carrie Fisher at Dragoncon! She was the best. I told her I was bipolar as well and she gave me a huge hug and told me I'd be okay. Then at her panel, I asked for her name card and she said "you wanted to marry me right? Sure!" and when I came to get the thing, she said "this officiates our marriage" and KISSED ME ON THE LIPS. She is so sweet and down to earth!!!

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