LMFAO's SkyBlu in srs shuffling accident!!!!

LMFAO's SkyBlu is recovering from a back injury
took the stage to perform at the sold-out Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia Wednesday Night for Q102's annual Jingle Ball, but RedFoo had to take care of all the party rocking while his partner in crime, SkyBlu, recovers from a back injury.
iHeartRadio caught up with RedFoo backstage, where he described SkyBlu's injury as a "shuffling accident." Go figure.

Hear what RedFoo had to say about his partner SkyBlu:

ok if the video isnt werqing i transcribed wut he said:
sky, u know, he had a shufflin accident. & then he tried 2 wiggle after that. and when u combine the two, sumtimes its tricky. and he hurt his back & he's in rehab rn w/ his back. hes got sum herniated disks. they put him on a machine & stuff. so hes u know getting back in shape. uh b/c u cant just, u cant keep, u know he's been preforming w/ it. & the doctor just said u got 2 chillax. no shufflin no wiggle. its hard, its hard. b/c i mean everytime we see a cute girl and stuff we start 2 (wiggles). so its a pain but we got him in the bed, legs up u know.


omg praying 4 him rn!!