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JWoww Flaunts Major Cleavage For Maxim Magazine!!!

If you ever wondered why they call her JWoww.

The 25-year-old "Jersey Shore" star is Maxim's January cover girl and is thrilled to take part in the sexy photoshoot.

"I cried when I found out [I was going to be on the cover]. I was jumping up and down and totally bugging out. This is probably my highest accomplishment," she told the magazine.

JWoww and her co-stars are gearing up to promote the fifth season of Jersey Shore, will return to MTV on January 5.

For the photoshoot, the reality star flaunts her curves along the Seaside Heights boardwalk and we get to learn a few facts about the cover girl.

JWoww tells Maxim her New Year's resolution is to quit smoking.

When asked what's the most important thing to remember when you get into a fight, she replied, "Pull your hair back. You don't want some bitch yanking on your hair."

You’ve been in Maxim three times now, but this is your first cover. How does it feel?
I cried when I found out. I was jumping up and down and totally bugging out. This is probably my highest accomplishment.

Well, you look incredible.
Thanks! This is the most fun I’ve ever had on a shoot, because it was Jersey Shore meets sexy Maxim. That’s what I loved about it.

So let’s talk about Italy.
It was insane. As everyone got to see, it was very dramatic. I’m glad we’re going back to the Shore now, because Italy was hard.

You guys were pretty isolated over there. You couldn’t escape each other.
We definitely had to rely on each other, which made our relationships stronger, but also made us more sick of each other. Temperatures were running high. People were fighting. Heads were hitting walls.

Was that scary?
Yeah. Even rewatching it is pretty intense! It’s very emotional, and I was there and lived it. But we’re fine now, and that’s the best thing about us. We watch it together and laugh at what we went through.

What was your favorite part of being in Italy?
You could put us anywhere, and we’d make a great show. But Italy was an especially amazing place for me, because I was an art history student. And besides the statues, I got to see the streets where, like, da Vinci and Michelangelo lived.

Do you think those guys ever got into fights like Ronnie and the Situation?
Yeah, I bet they would spit on each other and just go at it!

Were the guys in Italy especially aggressive?
There were some instances, but most of the time I couldn’t understand what they were saying. I’d be like, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Goodbye!”

Was the food very different?
Day and night. The Italian food out there is organic and fresh and light. They don’t even have penne à la vodka!

What was the tanning situation like over there?
It was whack! There was no tanning situation. I opened JWoww’s Tanning Salon and was spraying everyone myself just to get by. When we got back to Jersey, we kind of OD’d on the tanning. We all burned our asses off pretty bad.

So now that you’re back home at the Shore, what kind of drama can we look forward to?
A lot of the drama that came from Italy has to get finished. So you’ll see that.

That sounds like a movie tag line: “It started in Italy. It finished in Jersey.” Are you guys working again this season?
Yup, we’re back at the T-shirt store and living in the same house. We appreciate it more because Italy was so different. We jumped in headfirst.

You seem to have changed quite a bit over the past couple of seasons. You aren’t punching people, you’re calmer. In fact, you’ve sort of become — The mom?

I feel that way. I was in a bad relationship during the first two seasons, so I took that out on people I shouldn’t have. I was definitely more of a bitch.

What was the most important thing to remember back when you did get into fights?
Pull your hair back. You don’t want some bitch yanking on your hair.

New Year’s Resolution: Quit smoking. "I don’t want to set myself up for dis­aster; I’ve tried and failed before."

JWOWW Ink: "I have three tattoos: one for my grandma, one for my grandpa, and a dragon."

Party town: Las Vegas. "I don’t gamble, but I love the nightlife."

Starstruck: "I met Lady Gaga. She said she was happy we don’t change for anyone."

What’s next? "Me and Snooki just started filming a spin-off. I hope we go on a road trip."

Worst hangover: "The first time I drank Bacardi 151. I remember hugging the toilet."

Hangover cure: "Don’t drink 151."


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