Courtney Stodden is feeling the holiday spirit, selflessly donates clothing

Courtney and husband drop off old *but still stylish* clothing at a donation centre

She was stepping out to perform some good deeds so it appeared Courtney Stodden had donned her most angelic outfit for the occasion. 

The 17-year-old teen bride stepped out in a tight white top which showed off her large chest as she joined her husband Doug Hutchinson to take sacks of clothing to a donation centre.

Courtney was wearing a relatively understated style, compared with her usual look and stepped out in a pair of jeans but ensured she flashed her famous chest in the tiny white boob tube.

She teamed the ensemble with her towering patent heels and carried a white clutch bag.

Given her wardrobe appears to consist of barely-there hot pants and tiny, cleavage showing tops, the question of her clothes suitability for charity is drawn into question.

Perhaps the Green Mile actor, 51, was simply donating his own clothing and he was and he was seen carrying the offerings in paper bags.

Earlier this month Doug and his teen bride appeared on Dr Drew’s Lifechangers show where they spoke about their relationship and the controversial age gap.

Courtney also agreed to undergo an ultrasound examination to prove her large breasts were not the result of a breast augmentation operation.

After what seemed like a damning false start, when a spherical object was spotted underneath the muscle and tissue on one of Stodden's breasts by plastic surgeon Dr John Diaz, the blonde was unbowed.

But while the examination appeared to conclude the teen had not had plastic surgery on her breasts it did suggest she had undergone Botox treatment on her face.

Courtney also spoke about her style on the show and showed off some home snaps of herself in just her lingerie.

She explained: 'I'm dressed really modestly thank you.

'Do you love these home shots Dr Drew?' Courtney purred to the speechless presenter as they viewed photographs of Courtney dressed just in pink underwear, holding a lollipop while being embraced by her husband.

I don't think I have the erm...confidence to pull off her wardrobe unfortunately, but maybe some lucky ONTDer will find her clothing and werq it.


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