Kim Zolciak: fake bitch, can't haggle

An ONTD exclusive? Hell yes, it is.

As you've all already read, Kim Zolciak made a seemingly out-of-character good decision this weekend: when she got married, she bought a used wedding dress. Hey, in this economy, none of us can be mad at that, right? All the gossip sites, including this one, are reporting that she has a $58,000 dress, but I noticed that none actually say what she paid. Needless to say,  I got to sleuthin' (it's Friday, I have no life, do not judge me even for a moment).

What size dress did Kim buy?
Who was the previous bride who spent such a stupid about of money on a freaking dress you wear one damned time?
And what kind of deal did Kim get?
Answers to these burning questions behind the cut. Don't be tardy for the party, ONTD.Collapse )

The dress "sold" listing
The seller's photo profile