2011 ONTD Costume Contest Submission Post

Ok, ONTD - it's time!
Comment in this post with your costume from this year!
Remember: you must have an ONTD sign in the photo to be eligible to win!

Submissions will close THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 2011 5PM PST. After it's closed, the mods will pick up to 15 entries per category. Remember, some costumes may qualify for a specific category AND best overall. Once the mods have chosen, there will be a post with a poll for each category for everyone to vote on!  When the poll goes up on Friday, you will get a chance to see and comment on everyone's costume in this post.

This year's categories / prizes are:

- Best Overall - $200 Amazon Gift Card
- Best Film / TV / Celebrity Inspired - $50 Amazon Gift Card
- Most Original - $50 Amazon Gift Card
- Best Couple / Group - $50 Amazon Gift Card
- Most Scary / Gruesome - $50 Amazon Gift Card
- Most Hilarious - $50 Amazon Gift Card

Comments ARE screened, please do not comment with anything other than your contest entry.

All OT comments/non-entries will be deleted

and you will be banned.

After some deliberation, we decided to stick to the rules we enforced last year:

- You can not photoshop anything, including a sign. It has to be a photo of YOU in YOUR costume (No face blurring, c'mon you're in COSTUME)
- You MUST have an ONTD sign. If you didn't take a photo with an ONTD sign in costume, you have until Thursday to do it
- This is an international contest, all regions are welcome to enter.

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