Daisy Lowe at GQ Awards in Germany/New Interview/British Fashion Award Nominations!

Receiving "Woman of the Year" award at GQ Awards in Berlin on 28th October...

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V. well-formatted interview from "Live" Magazine...

For someone from a full-on rock ’n’ roll family, Daisy Lowe seems astonishingly normal and well adjusted. Her mother is Britpop singer Pearl Lowe. Her step-dad Danny was the drummer in Supergrass. In 2004, a paternity test confirmed that her biological father was Gavin Rossdale of Bush fame.

By that time Daisy was already making a name for herself as a model. Spotted by a talent scout in Camden Town, she signed to the Select agency and has since worked for some of fashion’s biggest names on the catwalk and in ad campaigns. Now 22, she is dating Doctor Who star Matt Smith and has homes in London and New York.

Modelling means being prepared to be covered in snakes.
I’m fearless when I need to be. In my work I’ve not been known to turn down a challenge. I’ve posed naked quite a few times now, and that doesn’t bother me. I’ve done some mad shoots with the U.S. photographer Steven Klein where I’ve hung off a giant crane and jumped naked into a tub of slime. Modelling is so much more interesting if I’m scared into doing adventurous things. It means I’m performing rather than just standing in front of a camera. I love throwing myself in at the deep end. I recently did a shoot that involved four huge snakes crawling over my body. I spent the whole weekend fretting about it. On the day itself I didn’t want them to smell my fear in case they decided to bite me. So I got into my relaxed zone and actually enjoyed the experience. It helped that I had my dog, Monty, there to protect me. I would lay down my life for Monty.

Character skips generations.
That theory definitely applies to my family. It’s been well documented that my mum enjoyed a party or three. My grandmother isn’t remotely rock ’n’ roll. In fact, she’s the most organised person I’ve ever met. My great-great-grandmother, however, was a bit of a wild thing and she played the violin in one of the first ever girl bands in the Twenties. I pretend to be rock ’n’ roll, but I’m not really. Maybe the only way I could rebel against my mum was to be as straight as possible. Logic would suggest that my kids will be total hellraisers, so God help me when I become a parent.

I’ve been financially independent from the age of 15.
I get called an ‘It-girl’ all the time and I just don’t get it. As I understand it, an It-girl lives off her parents’ money and spends her time shopping, partying and generally being frivolous. That’s not me. I’ve been employed since I was a teenager and always had a strong work ethic. I’m not saying that modelling for a living is like working down a coal mine, but it doesn’t involve poncing around all day either.

'I've always been fascinated by crime dramas like Jonathan Creek'
Modelling is only my back-up career – I always wanted to become a forensic scientist. I’ve always had a very analytical mind and science was my favourite subject at school. I’ve always been fascinated by crime dramas like Jonathan Creek. I loved the idea of using science and logic to fight crime. I haven’t completely ruled out the idea of doing something like that when I’m older.

Walking is one of life’s great pleasures.
When I moved to New York a few years ago, that’s when I got into walking in a big way. I never take a bus or a cab in New York. Everywhere is within walking distance and, because it’s built on a grid, it’s impossible to get lost. I love walking through foreign cities, soaking up the atmosphere and the culture. But I’d love to try something ambitious like the classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. That would be five days well spent.

I’ve got a mean punch but I’ve not yet had to use it.
I’ve got a long fuse. I’m more likely to get upset than angry. One key to a contented life is to accept the things you don’t like about yourself and learn to love those traits. Hopefully, my flaws aren’t obvious to other people. You would need to go out with me for a while to notice them. But I’m not a high-maintenance girlfriend. I don’t have any really bad habits.

Happiness is not the destination; it’s the journey.
From an early age I realised possessions wouldn’t make me happy. What makes me happy is being creative and being surrounded by creative people. I’m always waiting for the next great idea to be excited about. I look to someone like Vivienne Westwood for inspiration. She’s always creative, always original. That takes courage.

I’ve planned my rebellious phase for when I hit 65.
There’s something appealing about the idea of growing old disgracefully. I can imagine myself wearing lots of bright colours and wide-brimmed hats, surrounded by dogs and children. The front door would always be open, so anyone who fancied it could drop round and be fed home-made gingerbread.

Technology is a two-sided coin.
On the one hand I couldn’t be without my smartphone. I’m away so much, so I’m constantly taking photos and sending them to my boyfriend. If I had to live without my phone for a month I’d be completely lost. I love being connected. We can’t go back and live like we used to, where every house had one phone and that was it. On the other hand it means complete strangers photograph me everywhere I go and all the time. I feel it’s best to be gracious in those situations. It’s not easy to be anonymous – it takes work. I’m more wised up about it now. If I wear a hooded jacket, I tend not to be recognised.

Alan Bennett, David Miliband and I share a baker’s.
I live in Primrose Hill and people are used to seeing famous faces there. One morning I spotted those two in the shop. The only problem living around there is all the paparazzi – who are usually after pictures of me and my boyfriend together. That kind of attention is getting more and more intense. My response is to tell them to take their picture and let me get on with my day. Even then they can get quite aggressive.

I am Florence Nightingale.
I’ve always been the Mother Earth type. Looking after entire countries might be beyond me, but I’ve always got time to take care of friends and family. I’d happily comfort someone if they were distressed. Caring for people always came easily to me. I was always attentive to people’s needs. I was never jealous of the attention my younger siblings were getting. I didn’t need much attention myself.

Googling yourself is a terrible idea.
I used to do it all the time, but a year ago I made a rule that I would never again put my name in a search engine. Some people I know are obsessive about doing it. They read negative comments and it eats away at them.

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Despite that red dress, vote for Daisy at the British Fashion Awards...

Adele, Daisy Lowe, Florence Welch and Tilda Swinton are all in the running to be named Britain's favourite style icon. The British Fashion Council (BFC) have opened voting to decide who takes the British Style Award at this year's British Fashion Awards.

The gong was won by stunning model-and-TV presenter Alexa Chung last year. She joins an impressive shortlist for this year's competition, compiled by a panel of key opinion formers. The list includes a host of stars from the fashion, music and movies industries, including Adele, Daisy, Edie Campbell, Florence, Lara Stone, Laura Bailey, Samantha Cameron, Stella McCartney and Tilda.

The prestigious title was introduced as part of the BFC's 25th anniversary celebrations. Kate Moss was the inaugural winner in 2009. The search is now on again for the "individual who most embodies the spirit of London and is an international ambassador for London as a leading creative fashion capital".

Voting is open until November 9 at www.britishfashionawards.com/britishstyle.

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