Guess Who?

Can you guess who this cutie is?

It's Courtney Stodden!

Who, according to Dr. Paul Massif, hasn't had any plastic surgery!
Here’s what Dr. Paul S. Nassif has to say:

“I examined her face for Good Morning America,”. ”Without
makeup, her face does appear younger. She does look like a teenager
her makeup off. If you’re just looking at her face, without
at her hair, without looking at the way she’s dressed, or
else … she does look older than 16 though, but not too much
older. I
don’t see any signs of plastic surgery.”

In terms of having botox, Dr. Paul S. Nassif said that he’s not so
sure if she had botox or not stating:

“I can’t guarantee 100% and I doubt it, but there’s
a possibility that she had a little Botox in her forehead.”

Well.. that’s possibly the best way to guarantee that a person didn’t
plastic surgery… hire a popular surgeon to defend you. And I think
she really looks as young as her age. She’s just hiding her youth
that thick make up and bulky hair.


im starting to think maybe she rilly is rill and just goes
overboard with the makeup and contouring and "abs" and tit paint, and
bleach, and hair spray, and lip injections, and whatever drugs make her
pupils like that and her face do that

tyfyt (thanks ani_di_franco)