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What part of the game is this? Cee-Lo is never a conformist when it comes to fashion – but c’mon son!!

And I really believe Cee-Lo actually wears woman’s clothes on the down-low too (Lil’ Wayne is just petit enough for us to be able to notice)! Anyway…’The Voice’ judge stepped out in Beverly Hills wearing a stressed out pair of golden slippers!!

Yuup! Hip-Hop and women’s clothes just go hand and hand now….more pics below….

The more Cee-Lo tried to explain this monstrosity, the more we gave him the side-eye. Just admit you were caught out there like Kelis and call it a loss! Or maybe you should’ve clicked your heels together andstarted your day over with a better choice of footwear!

Sidenote: Dem slippers looked stressed the fugg out!

Source: Carlton Jordan