Drake doesn't care if you call him soft

Drake’s okay with his Emo-rapper status and wears it like a badge of honor despite the criticism his music receives.

“If I worried about how I’m gonna look saying this, then I wouldn’t make half the music I make,” he told MTV. “People nitpick at me for being emotional or tapping into emotions, but like, man, we all die one day; that’s just how I want to be remembered.”

The Toronto-born rapper says he wasn’t fazed by Estelle calling him too “emo” for her taste back in in July.

“The running commentary or the jokes don’t really affect me, ’cause that’s what I’m going for,” he said. “I don’t want to be a guy that blends in with all the other generic rap music. I want to be the guy that stood out and pinpointed life emotions for women, men, young people, old people or whatever it is. So I don’t trip, that’s what I want. I welcome it.” source