New Look: Nap On the Bow & Interview

The Future-Pop Couple’s New Video Unveils Their Underwater Love

Pixel-perfect Brooklyn-based duo New Look premier their new music video for “Nap On the Bow,” performing the upcoming single in a fantastical underwater digital chasm. Synth-playing siren and former model Sarah Ruba and her multi-instrumentalist producer-husband Adam Pavao were captured by directors Tim & Joe in live-action 3D using an Xbox Kinect camera. The lo-fi footage was then juxtaposed with a computer-generated aquatic "dream" to echo the soulful chanteuse’s vocals rising through the effervescent electro of Pavao’s soundscape. “When we heard ‘Nap On the Bow’ we instantly knew the rippling, pixelated images the Kinect captures would fit well,” reveal the filmmakers, whose past work includes promos for Primary 1, Booka Shade and Professor Green. “This allowed us to do all the camera moves around them as well make them dissolve, explode and even invert.” The result was the perfect compliment to the New Look sound. “We use simple ideas in complex ways,” explains Ruba. “The beat that Adam makes establishes the vibe and the attitude of the lyrics come from there.” Here the Canada-born pair, who released their eponymous debut album earlier this year on the K7 label, share their preferences.

Analogue or digital?

8-bit or 64-bit?

Brooklyn or Toronto?

Moog or Roland?

80s or 90s soul?
Just soul.

New or old?

Oysters or fish ‘n’ chips?
Fish ‘n’ chips!

Beach or pool?

Scuba diving or water skiing?
Adam: Water skiing, I've been wanting to do it for a while.

New Look or Topshop?
Sarah: I refuse to answer that question!
Ignoring the fact that they're Canadian, they're perf! Also, feel free to discuss your favorite new acts of 2011~