A movie about a ballet dancers starring actual ballet dancers.

Jayce Bartok, an actor who's been in this and that for a few decades now (look for him as a nurse in the Jesse Eisenburg/Melissa Leo "Predisposed", or popping up whenever they need him as Fake ID specialist Devlin on White Collar with some of OTND's favorite eye Candy Matt Bomer), but he's also a pretty prolific writer/director.

He and his wife, Tiffany Bartok(director/producer/make up artist/actress), formed Vinyl Foote Productions, which most recently took Kristen Stewart vehicle,The Cake Eaters, to Tribecca Film Festival in 2007. It came out on video in 2009, and since then, Vinyl Foote has been focused on their newest venture, Tiny Dancer.

Tiny Dancer is a film about a legendary ballet dancer, played by Martha Graham principal Katherine Crocket who is fighting balance her life and struggling to dance again. The film also stars Daphne Rubin-Vega, possibly best known as the originator of the role of Mimi from Rent. The film explores the idea that you don't stop wanting to live your dream just because you become a wife and a mother, and shows one woman who continues to pursue hers.

Like several other projects recently featured on ONTD, Tiny Dancer is using crowd funding to create their film. They are nearly halfway to their goal and have just under a month to reach it.

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The Independent Collective.

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