Hollywood's Best Ugly Cryer still on for Jurassic Park 4 (as far as she knows)

'Jurassic Park IV' has been on-and-off for years. Director Steven Spielberg directed the first two, then handed the reigns to Joe Johnston for the third.  Johnston was to helm the fourth film as well, but that hasn't been the plan since about 2007. Who knows, Speilberg may take the helm. The last update he gave was at this past San Diego Comic-Con when he said:

"We have a story, I can happily announce right now. We have a writer... Hopefully, we'll be making 'Jurassic Park 4' in the near future. In the next two or three years."

Although she's not the most familiar name, Laura Dern is a recognizable lady. She's perhaps known best for her role in the original 'Jurassic Park' in which she played Dr. Ellie Sattler. She reprised the role to a lesser degree in the third film.

In an interview with Slate that focused predominantly on her television show, 'Enlightened,' she was asked about the status of 'Jurassic Park IV.' She replied:

"I hear it’s happening. I think it’s got a ways to go. Steven is about to immerse himself in Lincoln, which is really exciting and something he’s poured his heart and soul into for a long time. I’m so excited because Daniel Day-Lewis is playing Lincoln. Once that’s finished, there’s always been talk that my character is deeply involved in [Jurassic Park 4] somehow, but I haven’t heard yet."

It would be a shame and a loss for the forth film to never happen. Even the one said to be the weakest, 'Jurassic Park III' nearly doubled its cost to make at the domestic box office with $181 million on its $93 million budget. People love the right kind of nostalgia. Maybe throw about $150 million into 'Jurassic Park IV' to send the series out on a high note.


Who watched Enlightened, btw? That Laura Dern Reign just won't let up!