Kelsey Grammer loses it at Australian TV Producer over ex-wife questions

VISITING Frasier star Kelsey Grammer may be all smiles on the outside, but behind the scenes it is a different story, after yelling at a producer yesterday.

In Australia to host the Australian Commercial Radio Awards on the Gold Coast, the renowned US Emmy award-winning actor is doing the media rounds before the weekend ceremony.

But there are no jokes when it comes to the comedian's ex-wife - Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' pumped-up platinum blonde Camille.

The couple's bitter divorce was finalised in February, and Grammer then married British flight attendant Kayte Walsh - also visiting Australia - later that month.

Appearing on Sunrise yesterday, the former Cheers actor was gracious as he chatted, albeit through gritted teeth, about his former marriage with the show's hosts, David Koch and Natalie Barr.

But backstage a grisly side sprang forth.

Sources say Grammer called entertainment producer Mark Beirne immediately after coming off air, hurling profanities and "abusing" him for airing footage of the former couple on the Housewives reality show.

"You are a vile person ... a sick dog ... your life must be tragic ... I feel sorry for you," Grammer was heard screaming.

A Seven insider said Grammer would not be invited back on to the show.

Grammer did not return calls yesterday.