Jennifer Desperaniston Steals Queen Jolie's Style!

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Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston have a lot in common: They're A-list movie stars, they have dated Brad Pitt, and they can both stop traffic with their arresting good looks.

Now there's one more similar thread: The two are fashion doubles. The celebs were spotted on different continents dressed like they had called each other to plan their matching outfits. Each was found carrying similar styles of the Tom Ford "Carine" handbag that features shiny black leather, a chunky gold clasp, and a two-toned chain strap.

This luxe look doesn't come cheap: E! Online reports that the handbag runs a whopping $2,200. But it didn't stop there.

The pair also seem to be wearing the same oversized, gold-rimmed aviator sunglasses. And in addition to the matchy-match accessories, both also paired their pricey bags with loose gray tops and black high-heeled boots.

Sure, it may be a coincidence that each one chose such a similar look. But Angelina Jolie was seen in this outfit earlier this month in London, so she had dibs. Aniston sported her copycat arm candy this morning while pre-taping the "Today" show.


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