MTV’s Awkward Letter to Jenna: What it Says and Fan Theories

It’s the case of the curious letter on MTV’s hit series Awkward. Who wrote it, why did they write it, and why didn’t they just use e-mail?

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The first episode of MTV’s Awkward featured a rather rude letter given to Jenna. It’s been referred to as a ”Carefrontation” letter, but it’s nothing if not this side of OH NO YOU DIDN’T! At one point, Jenna’s best friend,, Tamara, even claimed credit for the letter. And although we’ve guessed at who it might be during the course of Awkward season 1 (Sadie because she’s so maliciously evil? Matty because he’s grooming Jenna to be his popular girlfriend?) we still don’t know.

The letter to Jenna said:

Image and video hosting by TinyPicJenna, As you are now, you could disappear and [...] no one would notice. Below is a list of suggestions ... [you should take into] serious consideration:
1. Stop being such a pussy.
4. When you’re pretty you’re happy. And you’re clearly not happy.
5. Pull your head out of your ass and stand out.
6. Nobody likes the pitiful. Stop being such a drag.
7. You have to be cruel to be kind.
8. Make amends.

(The end says something like “pretend you want to.”)


A Friend

My theory? I think one of Jenna’s parents wrote it. Her Mom or her Dad. And I lean towards her Mom, Lacey. Why do I think this? Her Mother is the one who handed it to her. A teenage friend would have anonymously e-mailed it. A parent still believes in actual snail mail. And the stuff written isn’t … actually mean as much as … honestly blunt. Her Mom cares about her a lot and wants her to have a better time in high school. And her Mom has a specific way of doing things that doesn’t always seem very “Mommish.” The instructions in the letter are things meant to actually help her. Nothing is like “Just go kill yourself” or “Run away and work in a KMart.”

So what is your theory? Who do YOU think wrote the letter? Did you ever believe Tamara had written it? Do you agree with me that it could be Lacey, Jenna’s Mom?

ONTD, what are you letter theories?

I can't wait for tomorrow's season finale, even though it's come far too soon. I've grown so attached to this show.