La Reina Is Back In The Studio With Jermaine Dupri + Protester Drama

Mariah Carey is back to work. Less than six month after giving birth to her twins, the new mom returned to the studio to begin her next album. She and longtime collaborator Jermaine Dupri posted photos of themselves in the lab.

“So happy to be back in the studio with the one & only @Mr_Dupri aka Jermash!” wrote MC, while JD added, “We are back together.”

The dynamic duo last collaborated on “Oh Santa” off last year’s holiday album Merry Christmas II You. Mariah will also make an appearance on the U.S. edition of “The X Factor” as Simon Cowell’s guest.

The songstress was out on a romantic day with husband Nick Cannon when the two decided to visit the Central Park Boathouse on Manhattan and walked straight past protestors who were clearly angry at the eatery for a specific reason.

As the couple walked into the restaurant, the picketers booed them and shoted: "Shame on you!"

Now, Mariah has taken to her Twitter for apologising for ignoring their protests. "Ok - obviously we didn't purposely dine at a restaurant w/a picket line... And clearly the issues the picketers are dealing with are issues we would never try to over look."

She continued: "So when you see a 'video' of me walking thru a bunch of picketers as they say 'Ssshhhaammmeee on yooooou' please understand - we respect...All people and have nothing but respect for those in the struggle."

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