First Look:Tahar Rahim,Banderas and Mark Strong in Black Gold

Here is our first look at Tahar Rahim,Antonio Banderas and Mark Strong in Black Gold.Black Gold follows the story of young Arab prince(Tahar Rahim) who is caught between his father (Mark Strong) and liberal father-in-law. Banderas plays the father-in-law. Freida Pinto is Banderas's daughter and the princess married to Rahim.This film will open the Doha Tribeca Film Festival (DTFF) 2011 on October 25.

Tahar Rahim as Prince Auda, the bookish student turned warrior who fights to unite the tribes

Mark Strong plays the principled, devout Amar, ruler of Salmaah, who believes that possessions should only be won with love or blood, never money. Between them Amar and Nessib will fight for the love and respect of Prince Auda.

Antonio Banderas is the charming, cunning Nessib who embraces oil for the wealth and power it can bring to his kingdom.

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