Stop Not Knowing HDBOYZ (LOL)

Not since the mid ’90s has a band of boys come together to produce dance choreogropahy and music this fresh. In fact, I think it’s safe to say that no boy band in the history of boy bands has ever done what NYC’s HDBOYZ are doing right now, producing their own music, lyrics, dance moves, and everything else, as one fully autonomous musical unit. Never happened. And while it may seem like this is a joke, it’s not. Listen to the tracks. “Unzip” is one of the best things you’ll hear all year. And the hook on “Photoshopped” is unstoppable. The lyrical content seems like it’s poking fun at the concept of the boy band, with its tech-centered swag. But while it is a little tongue-in-cheek, it is at its base a real artisitic endeavor. Farthest thing from a joke.

HDBOYZ is comprised of five artists/musicians: Ryder Ripps (THE GUTS;, Aaron David Ross (GATEKEEPER), Alex Kelly-Hoffman (COP MAGNET), Colin Self and Tabor Robak. It all started when Ryder tweeted HDBOYS. Then Aaron changed it to HDBOYZ with a Z. The rest is history. What’s probably most amazing about this whole thing is that without ever posting a song publicly, HDBOYZ booked a show at the Museum of Modern Art’s PS1 location in Queens on August 31st, selling out the show and performing a full set of choreographed pop gems for an audience of over 800 people. You still can’t get your hands on any of their MP3s, but at least there’s some videos now, and then of course there’s that phone number you can call to hear “Unzip.” Moreso than with any other featured artist that came before in this column, HDBOYZ will definitely be a band you can’t help but Stop Not Knowing. It’s out of your control at this point.


Let Down Yr Firewall (Girl) by BOYZinHD

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