Shannyn Sossamon is Pregnant With Baby #2

Congratulations go out to Shannyn Sossamon! The actress, 32, and mom to eight-year-old Audio Science, is expecting her second child. According to National Photo Group, Shannyn is due in December, but the father of the child is still unknown.

In 2002, at only 23, Shannyn got pregnant, with then boyfriend Dallas Clayton, at a very important time in her career. And although she admitted pregnancy slowed her progress in Hollywood, she says she never considered not having the baby.

“I wasn’t ready to be a mom, but if you have any desire to be a better person, having a baby kicks it right into gear,” the 40 Days and 40 Nights star tells the Daily Mail. “Now I’m a better actress and a better mother.”

Shannyn’s rep confirms to, “Yes, she is pregnant with her second child.” Congrats again to Shannyn!

Sources: HollyBaby & Shannyn Sossamon Online