Chronicles of a Creeper: Avengers Set Pics From A Fan

I work a block from Central Park so naturally I left early to get the long weekend started... by running directly to the "Group Hug" set, what else? Enjoy!


jk. One degree of separation? Met Alex last night. Saw his dad Stellan today. I have no shame.

GTFO sign.


product placement

unf unf

RDJ's too cool to hang.

ass shots all around

makeup need not apply


Evans checking something out.

Thor enjoys looking Loki up and down

Thor Bluesteel makes me lol

Chris checking out Chris. What dreams are made of.

Asgardian nuke? Beyonce stage fan?

They were watching the previous Asgardian nuke "explode" in the sky. Notice how RDJ is STILL too cool for school. Cool guys don't look at explosions.

Renner looking hot.

Chris making Stellan laugh. qt.

Chris Evans looking hot

Wonder what he's talking to ScarJo about...

He's very serious about this topic, apparently.

Couldn't stop lol'ing. Changed my camera to burst mode so I have like 100 pics of him making this gesture.

Whoops! He saw me. Time to creep somewhere else.

ScarJo boring Jeremy?

RDJ with Mark Ruffalo. And Stellan looking stellar in the back. har har

RDJ is not amused by your antics, Evans. But apparently Mark is!

This car was so special and secretive (one can only assume it's Stark's Audi R8 replacement?) that they had a guy hiding under the tarp for over an hour only to back up into the set with just his itty bitty corner of the tarp popped off.

well-protected motorcycle getting driven into the scene with S.H.I.E.L.D. agents hanging out in the background.

Chris and Tom saying goodbye to all the crew after wrapping

GROUP HUG! Get it? *nudge* Get it?

Chris Hemsworth blending in with the bums in Central Park in his robe. I keed.

Me and Chris. His grin is just as omgfanself irl. His voice and accent is just as eff me. His hands and arms are just as huge and muscle-y as they look in IMAX 3D. Oh and he's just as nice as you would think he is :)

Loki's makeup trailer.

Tom Hiddleston is by far one of the nicest celebrities I've ever met. I caught him while he was walking out of his trailer eating a "chocolate biscuit, my reward for the day" as he put it. I apologized profusely when I started talking to him and he started mumbling back cookie crumbs. Told him to finish but he said "No! No! Get over here!" He had chocolate on his hand and didn't want to get it on me so when he started to reach for my shoulder, he remembered and then started furiously wiping his hand on his thigh to wipe it off. (yeah, I wish I had video too) You can see the other half of his biscuit in his open hand. We ended up talking for like 5 minutes about NY and London and how much he enjoyed shooting the movie (he wrapped today and will apparently stay in NYC for another week to "hang out, relax and see the sights").

BTW, he still had his Loki effed-up face makeup on and I commented that he looked "really badass" and he started cracking up :D


Just an FYI for anyone planning to visit the set tomorrow: Hiddleston wrapped today so you will most likely not see him at Grand Central to see the Quinjet explode. It's a toss-up whether or not Hemsworth will be there tomorrow since he was hugging all the crew members just like Hiddleston did to say good-bye. Overheard some PA say Renner and ScarJo were leaving NY. Whether or not he was telling the truth is another thing lol. Good luck to my fellow creepers! :)

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EDIT: SPOILER ALERT I think my mind wanted it to be an Asgardian nuke. lol. It was a Bifrost device. Everyone was looking up because they got taken away by the ultimate rainbow bridge. Makes more sense... I guess. :( lol.