Marilyn Manson - Born Villain premiere

Watch the Marilyn Manson short film Born Villain. Directed by Shia LaBeouf.
The video and a very negative 'review' after the cut.

Poor old Marilyn Manson. Just over a decade ago he was able to call himself The God of F**k and get away with it. He was bloody massive. In 1998, he won pretty much every Kerrang! Readers poll category going – good and bad. Love him or hate him, he was a force to be reckoned with. Then the rot started to set in. The campaign surrounding his last album – regardless of how good some of the songs on it were – was capsized by Manson’s shoddy live performances, drunken interviews, and the sense that he just didn’t give a damn anymore. And not in a good way.

Well, Manson is back, with a “short film” called ‘Born Villain’. Is this video an indication that things are changing for the better in the world of Manson, or is it yet more evidence that Brian Warner well and truly blown his chances of getting back to the big time?

First up let’s get the real WTF out of the way – ‘Born Villain’ was directed by Shia LaBeouf – yes, he of the Transformers film franchise – after the pair met at a concert by The Kills and hit it off. Secondly, it isn’t strictly a traditional music video per se. Instead it features clips of music purporting to be from Manson’s as-yet untitled eighth studio album, as well as plenty of shots of Manson (and friends) spouting off lines from Macbeth and reducing them to pretentious, sixth-form poetry-esque expressions of “dialogue”.

i really liked it, it's obvious Manson is a great fan of Alejandro Jodorowsky. and i like the sound of the music

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