Colton Haynes in Wonderland magazine

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Name: Colton Haynes
Age: 23
Born and raised: Andale, Kansas
The model-turned-actor moved to LA after high school in 2007, at a time when his modelling meant he might have equally gone to NYC. He chose the latter because "I always hoped to start acting out here."
Why you know him: Moving to LA proved to be a shrewd move for Haynes - following small parts in Pushing Daisies and Melrose Place, he landed a leading role in MTV's surprise hit re-imagining of Teen Wolf.
Coming next: More Teen Wolf, which has been re-commissioned for a second season before the first has even finished airing. What has shocked Haynes the most about it all is the extreme emotional reaction of some of the female fans. At the San Diego Comic Con festival, he says, "We had to turn three hundred girls away and they were all crying. I felt really bad so we went out to say hello. We talked to them and they started crying even more! The crying fans are awesome, but it's hard to read their minds."