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Lisa Kudrow has a discerning/pressed son
henryevil wrote in ohnotheydidnt

Lisa Kudrow admits there’s one man she can’t impress — her son!

The former Friends actress says her 13-year-old son is less enamored with her jokes on her old show and would much rather watch Jim Carrey movies. “He doesn’t really think I am funny at all,” Lisa revealed.

He will say ‘Mom you are funny, but no offense, Jim Carrey is funnier’. I’ll say ‘OK, no offense taken.’ Then he will go on ‘And Steve Carrell, and Will Ferrell‘ and the list will go on! He brings me down to earth.”

Lisa recently insisted she’s grateful to her Friends character Phoebe Buffay for showing her how to have fun. “Thanks to Phoebe, I don’t have to worry — I can have fun,” she said. “Phoebe was very far from who I was as a person. But part of her definitely rubbed off on me, inspired me to be more optimistic.”


Let's celebrate this underrated comedienne and give her the love that her son refuses to imo!

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This reeks of, "Nick Cannon is hilarious."

LMAO that's my favorite sketch

this is one of the best movies ever made.

This was my favorite movie when I was younger. IDK how many times I would rewind the scene where she gets hit by the limo.

This movie is a masterpiece.

Favourite movie of all time.

I looooooooooooooove Romie and Michele's Highschool Reunion. It's been my favourite movie since I was 12.

This is one of the most underrated movies of all time t b h.

i watched that movie weeks ago and it was great
a experiencia religiosa

lol that's how my 4 year old son runs to his room when he gets mad after he doesn't get his way.

....mom? What are you doing on the internet?

Like you're running away from Satan!


The neighbor's dog!

I saw someone running similarly to this in real life recently, not as a joke. And it made my day.

Her son is trolling her.

I love her, and I always will but somehow I grew to really loathe "Friends" over the course of seven years.

Wow are you me? I despise this show now.

I sent that Jim Carrey creep video to all my friends. They were rolling.

I always felt she was the one Friend who was out of the loop. I liked her for that tbh.

She was the only person who seemed to have a life outside of Monica's apartment/central perk tbh. Like every episode she'd have an anecdote or 'my friend Wendy' or something. The rest had no lives.

She also had the best apartment, imo. Her and Rachel were my favorite roommate combo.

LOL exactly! and her past was so exciting.

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Seriously. I never knew

When Phoebe was pregnant on the show she was actually pregnant irl.

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Wow. At the time, her pregnancy went completely over my head

Phoebe was the best character on friends.

There was never anything funny about Friends. I dont understand why anyone likes it

Friends is like "LOL WHITE PEOPLE" in show form.

Lol, I spit on my monitor. Maybe that's why I never got the show.

IA i'll watch episodes occasionally to try and "get it" but i don't


i thought it was funny but it was overrated. HIMYM is way funnier IMO

OMG ia

I watched it sometimes, didn't laugh once.

Nothing in the world makes me laugh harder than that show, and my IRL friends and I goofing off. It reminds me of that. I also think it's the perfect mix of comedy and more meaningful storylines.

Yes. I just don't get it.

I will find amusement in silliest things but I just cannot with Friends. It makes me angry how unfunny that show is to me. I just don't get it.

Friends sucks you in because you start to care about the characters. Idk. I would definitely not defend it as good, but for some reason I like it anyway. (It's the same thing with people who like Sex and the City, which I don't get at all.)

Friends always pissed me off because when I lived in the dorms I could never watch the X-Files on the big tv since it aired at the same time and I was outnumbered. stupid mob rule

She was the most underrated person from the cast of Friends.

She was 10x funnier then Courtney and Jennifer, yet they are the ones people constantly talk about. IDGI.

iawtc. chandler and phoebe are my favorites. easily.

chandler and phoebe are my favorites but it's definitely not an 'easily' thing for me.

Chandler was my favourite until he and Monica got closer to getting married/engaged, but imo that's when the entire show jumped the shark and everyone got even more ridiculous and over the top and I was like "okay bye."

IA, I see every single thing she does and she is always brilliant in everything even though they are usually small roles in indies or whatever. I wish The Comeback had done more than one season because that was one of the most genius shows ever made (and actually, a little before its time).

She was the only one with any real comedic chops (wasn't she in the Groundlings?) and it shows.

well, courtney and jennifer were actresses and lisa was a comedian.

Not really. Tbh when most people think of Friends they think of Phoebe. Maybe Lisa Kudrow is underrated as an actor, but she's always doing something.

I think Courteney is actually the most underrated... she was the only one not nominated for an Emmy even though I thought she was funnier than Jennifer, David, and Matt.

phoebe and chandler were always my favs. growing up watching chandler made me how sarcastic i am today :]

and i love lisa kudrow. i really like web therapy.

rude, phoebe was the best part of friends

I didn't care for Ross a lot of the time, but David Schwimmer was one of the best at taking a throw-away line and making it into something hilarious.

I never liked Phoebe or Joey.

Eh, give him a couple years and he'll LOVE the shit out of FRIENDS.

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