Smart Guy is Angry: Tahj Mowry going off on black people on twitter because of the Earthquake

Tahj Mowry. Member? U member!!! Tia & Tamera's little brother? He starred in that adorable show on (Disney was it?) TV called Smart Guy in the 90s? He seemed so adorable and likable! Well, not so much anymore. He had some very choice words to say about people on twitter today following the Eastcoast Earthquake.

So what innocently enough started off as a tiny jab at people freaking out over the Eastcoast Earthquake apparently made Tahj Mowry erupt into a fit of rage, and go on a tirade against his "haters" and how black people are jealous of him because of his ~indian hair~. He even compares one of his male (assumingly gay) "haters" as "wanting to be like Beyonce." It was pretty awkward...

It started off as an inncoent jab at east coasters with:

But it then turned into this:

Wow, buying people's life 4 times? With what money? Were you not in like 1 hit show and like 4 movies tho....????

But it continued:

But it continued:


No Tahj. YOUR school needs to do a better job with educating you. Is someone just mad they didn't get a part in Tia & Tamera's new busted ass reality show? Or is this some delayed reaction to people calling you out about being in the closet? I'm not quite sure. Either way you seem pretty angry.

Anyway, everyone, please tell Tahj that:

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