Federline needs publicity / image makeover

K. Fed the Philanthropist

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Kevin Federline wants the world to know he does more than just spawn kids -- he cares about them, too. On the heels of his recent announcement that he donated his much-mocked (and occasionally corn-rowed) tresses to Locks of Love, Mr. Britney Spears is proclaiming his intention to give back to the nation's youth.

K. Fed will reportedly go goodwill hunting while on a cross-country club tour to promote his still label-less debut rap album, "Playing with Fire," which is set for release in August.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us"Every city he visits, he's going to visit a charity that benefits children," his hard-working new rep tells the New York Daily News. "Whether that's handing out toys to children at hospitals or whatever ... He definitely wants to do more charity."

The former backup dancer-turned-PopoZão-spouting C-lister doesn't seem to be doing it for the karma, either, given that he seems pretty darn confident that his CD and tour (don't worry -- instead of performing, he'll just spin his record) will be a success.

"My album is sure to set the dance floors across the world on fire!" he said in a statement on Tuesday. "I'm excited about this album and am looking forward to ... seeing the firsthand reaction of my fans listening to my songs for the first time."

As for his decision to dub the disc "Playing with Fire," he explains, "The inspiration and meaning behind the title ... is self explanatory."

Federline has shown a refreshing work ethic of late (and by "refreshing," we mean any at all, and "of late," we mean since he first hitched his wagon to Britney's once bright star). In addition to giving his rhyming skills a workout, he's earning his keep by making promotional pitstops.

This weekend, he and his meal-ticket missus turned up at Atlanta hot spot Vision, ostensibly to celebrate his recent 28th birthday (he already had a blowout bash in Las Vegas, complete with a cake served by two female little people).

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Kevin, in his usual uniform of oversized jeans, a jauntily placed baseball cap and oh-so-dapper wife-beater tee, and Britney, sporting a curly soccer mom-ish 'do and red satin halter dress, holed up in the VIP section of the jam-packed club.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usA large minder stood guard to shoo away any riff-raff, or, as the paper put it, "scantily clad female admirers who hovered a little too close ... hoping to catch Federline's eye." (By the by, Britney's drink of choice was water, which should keep the baby rumor mill churning.)

Kevin, who earlier had classily flipped the bird to gathered media, took some time to address the crowd, many of whom apparently had their corneas seared by the honkin' diamond studs dotting his ears.

"We want to stay all [expletive deleted] night long!" he said to cheers.

In K. Fed time, "All [expletive deleted] night long" translated to about an hour, reports People, which says the déclassé duo exited just as the DJ put on a blast from the past, Britney's hit "Toxic."

Perhaps he was just eager to start planning his new video. MTV reports he's yet to determine which song he'll use, but it could be his new single, "For Real," currently available through his seizure-inducing MySpace page.

On the ditty, the dad of three eloquently delves into what he feels is the media's unfair portrayal of how he stacks up as a husband and father.

"And you magazine [maternal expletive deleted], too, can all kiss [a private part]/Us Weekly, I'll shout every one of you [rhymes with "stitches"] out/All your [expletive deleted] is fake/I love my kids [maternal expletive deleted], I love my wife, too/You know what you could do?/Grab your socks!"

Meanwhile, Britney was also making news by appearing on "Will & Grace" (on Thursday, March 30), apparently attempting to prove that her sense of humor extends beyond her choice of spouse.