Universal Won’t Solve CLUE; Adaptation Moves Forward with Hasbro Producing and Gore Verbinski Still Attached to Direct

Universal’s movie deal with Hasbro has been a serious burden for the story.  Whether they make movies based on Hasbro products or not, the studio still has to pay out.  However, that means Universal has to find a way to create stories based on Ouija, Stretch Armstrong, and other board games and toys.  The luke-warm to derisive reaction to the Battleship trailer has to be making the company skittish to say the least.  Deadline reports that Universal now has a few less properties to worry about as they’ve dropped Gore Verbinski’s Clue along with Ridley Scott’s Monopoly and an adaptation of Magic: The Gathering.

However, none of these projects are dead.  Clue is moving forward with Verbinski still planning to direct with Hasbro producing and Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazama (the Flash Gordon remake) signed on to write the script.  Verbinski’s take reportedly retains the murder-mystery of the game but expands it to a global stage.  Please, please, please let someone say that the movie is Clue meets Risk as if the pieces got mixed up. 

Universal isn’t halting all of their Hasbro adaptations.  Battleship is on the way and according to Deadline, the studio will move forward with Stretch Armstrong starring Taylor Lautner; Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger writing the script for Candy Land which is described as “Lord of the Rings, with edibles and Ouija with McG attached to direct.