11:49 pm - 08/03/2011

No new Sherlock Episodes until Next Year

Today after the BBC re-aired the final Sherlock episode The Great Game, the announcer said that the series would continue.... next year.

Both "Moriarty" and "NEXT YEAR" were quickly turning up on trending topics on Twitter for the UK area.

Sue Vertue, producer of Sherlock, replied to the outrage via her Twitter, saying:

As the team is currently still filming, the delay doesn't come as a big surprise but it's still bad news for fans who have waited for the conclusion of the famous cliffhanger of season one for over a year now.


More waiting? Any recommendations of what to watch in the meantime, ONTD?
orlandabloom 3rd-Aug-2011 10:33 pm (UTC)
was the ep that was on tonight new?
orlandabloom 3rd-Aug-2011 10:33 pm (UTC)
oops guess not. i didn't see it last time round i guess. i only thought the series was 3 eps long. so confused.
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