Janet Jackson's Engaged... Apparently

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The news is breaking everywhere!  Janet Jackson's getting married, or so they say.  Miss Janet's been in a relationship with billionaire, Wissam Al Moolah, since 2009 or Post-the "troll" (jj fans will understand this).  Wissam seems like a good fit for Janet.  First off, he's loaded, he has no interest in being in the music industry, he won't be pimping her out to save his own producing career, nor will he be trying to get a guest spot on all her songs, and when asked about his relationship with Janet last year, he said he wouldn't discuss it.  Many have commented how much Wissam resembles Janet's last husband, Rene Elizondo Jr.  If the news is true, I'm happy for her.  This would be Janet's third try at marriage.  In these hard economic times a little security is in order.  If she won't marry him, we will (in NY)!  

Janet Jackson Set To Announce Engagement!
Wedding bells ringing

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Janet Jackson will be announcing her engagement to boyfriend Wissam Al Mana this summer, with a wedding to follow later in the year, according to reports.

The singer has been quietly dating the businessman since 2009, and he reportedly proposed to her last year but they didn't announce the news then as she was preparing to go on her world tour. Now, sources are claiming that the couple will be announcing the news this summer.

"Now Janet's telling friends that an official engagement will come by summer's end, and that she and Wissam will marry in late 2011 - and they're shopping for an even bigger diamond ring to celebrate their official engagement," an insider told The National Enquirer.

Janet Jackson and Wissam Al Mana do want a family, too. And while Janet hopes she can conceive naturally, she is mindful of her age and the repercussions that can result from having waited so long. The two haven't ruled out adoption as a possibility.

Janet has been married twice before, first to singer James DeBarge in 1984 and then to Rene Elizondo in 1991.

If the reports are true, then congratulations Janet!

The National Enquirer broke the John Edwards affair, so don't even start!

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