Cam’ron and Dipset Are Working on a New Movie ...YOU MAD?

For the educated veteran of ironically enjoying hip-hop B-movies, there is no greater accomplishment than Cam’ron’s 2006 directorial debut, Killa Season, a dark morality tale inspired by the corrosive nature of inner-city life that features a dude getting peed on in, like, the first scene. And, soon, Killa Season may have the follow-up it deserves. Juelz Santana tells XXL that Cam and the rest of his crew, Dipset, are working on a biopic titled Diplomatic Immunity: “It’s gon’ be [about] the break up and us gettin’ back together leadin’ into the album. The album is gonna be like the soundtrack to the movie. It’s just gonna be everything from [Cam'ron] meeting Biggie to him meeting me and us becoming The Diplomats … we’re just gonna be playin’ ourselves … We’ll do it when we’re younger, but as it gets to us we’ll really play ourselves, cut the hair off our face so we look younger and shit like that. (DEAD)

Also: “Cam might have to gain some weight from when he was big.” Feel free to soundtrack your own personal celebration of this news with, how about, “I’m Ready.”